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After the 30 years of life stem cells of your face are starting to die out, and slowing down of their work, to which it comes first, causes the damage to your skin, which we notice in the form of wrinkles, changed color or structure of the skin.

Treatment with stem cells is the only treatment that will allow the skin of your face to be rejuvenated in the appropriate way. This treatment is a novelty and represents the future  in the cosmetics world  and field of anti-aging.

Treating the skin with stem cells improves the structure of the skin, increases the production of collagen and elastin thus intesively affecting the skin regeneration especially in  the field of deep wrinkles.

The procedure of the treatment is the following:

  1. Apmake-up of the face- cleansing with milk and swabs
  2. Facial scrub according to the skin type
  3. Application of serum with stem cells
  4. Modern massage of face and neck
  5. Application of gauze with cryo lipo solution,  followed by gentle massage- lymphatic drainage
  6. Apllication of mask with stem cells
  7. Cream according to the skin type

Cordinate yourself with the nature and slow down the visible signs of aging on your face