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Nice body is a treatment that naturally and non-invasively reduces stretch marks, rejuvenates and tightens the skin. A pleasant and relaxing treatment lasting 60 minutes gives visible results already after the first application.

The treatment itself is very pleasant, because the serum is first applied to the body, and then the mask is applied with light circular movements. The client is then vacuum packed, in order to enhance the active ingredients from the preparation for the next 30 minutes.

After packing, lymphatic drainage with citrine is carried out. This stone has a very healing effect in the detoxification process. The skin will be smooth and tight.

Nice body treatment accelerates regenerative processes in the skin and stimulates its revitalization, preventing the appearance of new stretch marks. So the skin looks smooth and tight right after the treatment.

The treatment can be combined with other treatments for volume reduction, such as vacuum and maderotherapy, and is especially recommended for pregnant women and people who have lost a large number of kilograms.