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The fastest, healthiest and most enjoyable way to solve the problem of heavy and swollen legs and also the cellulite is to try the lymphatic drainage. This massage is a very effective method with whom the microcirculation is improved, metabolism and lymph system  are stimulated. It’s successfully used for removal of excess fluid from the body in order to eliminate the swelling of (usually) legs, joints and thights among women.

It can be used with existing programs of detoxication, and as a supplement to diets, since it encourages the removal of toxins.

The movements for this massage are gentle and slow, because they folow the rhythm of lymphatic vessels. Special oils are also used for this massage, which further stimulate drainage.

What is achieved by lymphatic drainage?

  • Efficient detoxication of the organism
  • Alleviation of swollen legs
  • Removal of sensation of tired,heavy legs
  • Better nutrition and  tissue regeneraton
  • Cellulite removal and its prevention
  • Overall improvement of immune system.