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Vitamin C is an active ingredient , which is used in dermatoogy for its multiple benefits or the skin. Not only it is the one of the most powerful antioxidants, but it also stimulates the metabolism of the skin and creation of collagen, which increases the density of dermis.

It is a powerful antioxidant that protect DNA from oxidation caused by free radicals and it reduces photoaging. It srenghtens the protective skin barrier and reduces the loss of water. It improves level of hydration and skins defense mechanism.

It is recommended for all skin types,and especially for smoker’s skin, ski prone to blemishes and etc.

The procedure of the treatment is the following:

  1. Apmake-up – removal of the makeup and impurities from the skin surface
  2. Exfoliation- gentle facial scrub
  3. Application of 15% of Vitamin C to the whole face and neck
  4. Massage with pomergrenate ol which is rich with Vitamin C 5%
  5. Mask that additionally mouisturises the skin
  6. Massage – applying the mask
  7. Day cream according to the skin type