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Foot massage is based on the idea that the feet are “geographical map” of entire organism and that the certain parts of the feet corespond to certain body parts. By treating these areas a health can be improved.

The aim of this massage is to remove painful areas and “nods” in the foot and in that way start the circulation. Given the fact that working  on the feet indirectly acts on the whole body, this technique brings a boon to the whole organism.

It consists from therapeutic massage focused on the feet, ankle and the lower leg, and on mild stimulations of certain spots of the feet by which through the nervous system are stimulated the defense potentials of weakend and deseased organs.

The method itself is pleasant and relaxing, and its therapeutic effect is remarkable. It  is proved  to be very efficient method for healing headaches and chronic tiredness, which are the consequences of existance of the blockade in the flow of energy in the body.

The positive effect on the body are:

  • It relaxes feet muscles
  • It strengthens immunity and accelerates removal of the toxins from the organism,
  • Stimulates circulation
  • It helps in reducing the tension and it reduces the stress on psycho-physical helath,
  • It enables the treatment of energetically blocked organs before their illnes is formed