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Stress is an integral part of our daily lives and represents our body’s response to a certain situation. Although the stress takes place outside our body, it leaves huge consequences on the physical and mental level.

Anti-stress massage has a strong effect on health and mood because it is the simplest way to fight stress.

SPA anti-stress treatment includes:

1. Back, shoulders head and face anti-stress massage. This massage is a supplement to the health treatment and preservation.

The massage itself takes place in a pleasant environment. The pressure of the masseur is deep and strong and at the same time adjusted to the client’s sensibility. This massage is a combination of several different manual massage techniques, stretching the muscles and finally an unforgettable face and head acupressure, which aims to relax the facial muscles and relieve stress from our thoughts.

Additionally enriched mixture of essential oils significantly reduces pain and successfully relieves tension.

2. Peeling and foot massage aims to remove tension and blockage from the whole organism, because there are accumulation points on the feet for all organs.