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Mesotherapy of face, neck and cleveage with dermarollers is the most effective method of complete rejuvenation of the skin and an indispensable step of all serious procedures that aim to restore youthfulness to the face!

This method initiates the formation of the new collagen, enables  to the mesotherapy coctail to reach the deepest layer of the skin with the maximum concentration. The method is completely harmless, so we made mesotherapy closer  to those people hypersensitive to pain and “afraid of needles”, which is the main contraidication to performing classical mesotherapy. In this way  aborad spectrum of skin problems can be solved.

For example, mitigation and prevention of wrinkles, lifting skin tone, rosacea, acne, hydration, dark circles under the eyes, solving problems with blemishes and pigmentation spots on the skin, but the most common application is in the prevention of skin aging and wrinkles.  The treatment  is done ina weekly series of  2-6 treatments, usually 4.