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This treatment is intended for true hedonists. All-natural shells from the Pacific Ocean are used. These shells are filled with a mixture of volcanic ash rich in minerals and sea water, thus creating a natural exothermic reaction that heats the shell and it begins to release heat.

The benefits of massage movements and the pressure of the shell on the body are complemented by the heat transferred by the shell. This enriches and speeds up the process of muscle relaxation and relieving nervous tension. In combination with massage butter, which serves as a contact agent, the skin is both hydrated and deeply nourished.

This ritual has an exceptional anti-stress effect; the heat relaxes tense body muscles and joints and regenerates the entire organism.

As it is the case in any treatment in which heat is applied, the circulation and oxygenation at the cellular level are accelerated.

An exceptional effect can also be seen on the skin in terms of tightness, because the shells release mineral ions from themselves during the massage.

This massage regenerates the body, mind and soul.