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Hygenic facial treatment is a part of personal hygiene, which should be done once a month. Face is generally exposed to smog, cigarette smoke, atmospheric changes, small particles of dust, make-up residues and so on.

With hygienic treatment you will free your skin from dirt, excess sebum, dead skin cells, blackheads and other simmilar changes. With proper selection of products, both for the course of treatment and for the extended home care, te beautician ensures that your skin looks clean, fresh and cared for. It is important to start with skin care as early as possible, because in that way aging process is slowed down.

Every person is an individual  with its own inherited characteristics, so going through this treatment you will find out what is the condition of your skin and how to treat her properly. This treatment is not universal, and for each type of the skin a coctail of different products is made and a recommendation is given for a self-care work. With hygienic treatment you don’t only get cleansing of the face, but also skin hydration, increased microcirculaton, which directly stimulates the production of collagen and elastin which give the skin elasticity and firmness.

The procedure of the treatment is the following:

Removal of impurities and make-up from the skin

With facial milk are thoroughly removed all impurities from the skins surface ( make-up,smog etc.). Excess milk is removed with wet swabs or facial tonic, which also freshens up the skin.

Mechanical scrub

It is applied on the wet face and with gentle, circular motions of tip of the fingers ,the extinct layer from the skins surface is removed, thereby accelerating its recovery.

Thermal procedure- heating the skins surface for easier manipuation

Digital comedo-expression – cleaning of pores

Mask for desinfection and closing the pores

Face,neck and cleavage massage is done by creams or serums

Mask for hydration is choosen according to age group of client ,as well as on his skin condition

At the ned of the treatment moisturizing cream is applied

We give free advices to all of our clients on how should they nurture their skin