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Therapeutic back massage offers absolute pain relief in a short period. This massage treats pain conditions created as a cause of stress, improper body position (sitting in front of the computer etc.) and lack of physical activity. This massage represent complementary to the treatment and preservation of health.

The massage itself takes place in a pleasant ambient. The pressure of masseur is deep and strong, and at the same time adapted to the sensibility of the client. This massage is a combination of several different manual massage techiques, stretching of muscles and at the end the memorable acupressure of face and head , which aims to relax facial muscles and remove stress from our thoughts. Additionally enriched mixture of essential oils allows significante reduction of pain and it successfully removes tension.

The effects of this massage are:

  • Relaxation of the back muscles and neck;
  • Removes stress and has a strong effect on the release of all blockades in the body;
  • Degradation of the lactic acid (inflammation of muscles),
  • Speeds up the blood and lymph circulation .
  • It is the perfect choice after a long day or after a very stressful event.