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Hyaluron is a substance that is naturally found in the skin, giving her strenght, vigor and hydration.Unfortunately, over the ages it is consumed, facial skin ages and wrinkles appear. The essence of this treatment is to compensate for the amount of hyaluron acid which is lost during the process of aging. Because of its ability to bind molecules of water, hyaluron restores skins elasticity, hydration and youthful freshness. The treatmens is designed for all skin types and all ages.

The procedureof the treatment is the followng:

  1. Cleaning the face with milk and tonic
  2. Exfoliation with diamond particles
  3. Application of hyaluron concentarte o low molecular weight that penetrates deep into the skin
  4. Massage the face with massage gel
  5. Facial mask that contains hyaluron of hiher molecular weight for surface hydartion of face
  6. Facial cream based on hyaluron

The results of the treatment are instantly vissible, because during the treatment the surface and deep skin hydration is improved, and hence the wrinkles become shallower and tone is raised and hinged.