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Massage with  candles is one of the relax massages,and the warmth of essential oils from the candle represents an unforgetable experience. This massage frees body from the stress, and it makes  your skin silky soft .

Lighted candle turns into fine silky oil. The scent of essential oils is released  and in that way aromatherapy is obtained through the senses of smell. Melted wax heats and relaxes your body, and the smell of the candle additionally relaxes your mind. Wax contains nutrients, so after this treatment your skin will be soft and revitalized.

Choose fragrant note of aromatic candles that suits you most and give your body the relaxing and energizing effect. Allow your senses to choose what is most suitable for your body.

Relaxation wax- made from sweet almond and Shea butter. This precious oil moistures and softens your skin. The healing effect of ingredients at first will show results on your skin,and the smell that the skin absorbs will make you feel peace and relaxation after the treatment.

Energizing wax-made of oil from appricot-stone and enriched with algae oils, it rejuvenates your skin. Fresh smell ot this candles will awaken all your senses and it will charge you with good energy.