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Vakum slim is an innovative product line intended for skin care and tightening, elimination of cellulite and excess water, as well as for weight loss and detoxification. The vacuum bag allows a vacuum to be created inside the closed environment, which enables the creation of a carboxy effect, which then leads to an increased flow of oxygen into the cells and accelerated circulation, which further results in a deeper and faster penetration of the active components from the preparation. This effect of the Vacuum Slim product line makes our skin look younger and tighter.

The treatment lasts 60 minutes.

First, the body weight is measured, the level of fat and muscle of the client is determined and recorded in the record.

Creams are applied in circular motions from the periphery to the central part of the body, and then the body is wrapped in an SFV bag and vacuumed. The vacuum with the preparation acts on the body for 45 minutes. During these 45 minutes, an active process takes place that burns fat, activates the lymphatic system and reduces cellulite. After that, the body is massaged with lymphatic drainage movements, in order to open the lymph nodes and expel excess water and toxins. The treatment gives an objective cooling sensation, so it can be used by clients who have problems with varicose veins and broken capillaries.

The treatment should be done two to three times a week for three weeks; after that, there is a break of 15 days when the process can be repeated or you can come for maintenance twice a month.

This treatment can be combined with other body wraps and massages.

The intensity of the visits as well as the choice of treatments and massages is according to the individual needs of the clients as well as the type and condition of cellulite.