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We are also doing the education of adults, creating the staff for cosmetic,therapeutic and sport massage.

Basic massage course:

  • relax massage,
  • anti-cellulite masage,
  • sport massage,
  • anti-stress massage,
  • acupressure massage of face and head,
  • foot massage.

Basic course includes the adoption of theoretical and practical knowledge and skills for a period of 4 weeks, twice a week for 2 hours, with a number of classes of at least 32 hours per month (additional classes and exercices is  subsequently free of charge). During the training, participants learn the basics of anatomy and physiology, massage effect on the human body, indications and contraindications. Different tecniques of already mentioned massages are adopted.

Price of the basic course is 300€.

Higher massage course:

Higher course includes adopting massage  techniques  with hot stones, phyto therapy, lyphatic drainage, Balinese massage, Maroccan and Hawaiian, spa body treatmants ( scrubs, packagings, rituals for preparing the cosmetic  and the room), weight-loss treatments and masages for resculpting the body. The training last 4 weeks , twice a week  for 4 hours. Theoretical part includes cosmetics ( ingredients, how the work and apply), indications and contraindications, maintenance of the tools ( hot stones, bags for phyto therapy).

Price for the Higher course is 200€.

At the end of training there is a testing of knowledge and adopted tecniques for hand massage. The student gets the opportunity to test himsef in his first professional massage, and a possibility to get a permanent job.

The thing that separets us fromother  school for massages is that the classes are individula and they can be done every day so that student can finish his traininih in 7- 10 days ,depending on his elementary knowledge, his talent etc..