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Training aims to qualify for the profession of beautician (face care).

During practical training we are using products from several international brands, in order to give our students broader education. The training last from 1-3 months , with possibility of group or individual classes of 120 classes.

The training program for beauticians:

  • Function of the skin
  • Overview of facial and cosmetic skin diagnoses
  • Types and skin conditions
  • Skin changes ( pigmentation, fat secretion, secretion of fat, bacterial infections, viral infections…)
  • Standard cosmetic treatment (ap- makeup, scrub, heating, cleaning, disinfection)
  • Biological face treatments and  anti-aging treatments ( hyaluron, collagen flakes, vitamin treatment etc.)
  • Using the fruit acids in cosmetical purposes
  • Practising the four diferent manual face massages ( classical cosmetic massage, face lifting by hands, massage of wrinkles and double chin, and lymphatic drainage of face)
  • Apparatus treatments and therapies
  • Types and the influence of products on the skin for every skin type resepctively ( milks, tonics,gels, serums,ampoules…)
  • Smaller cosmetic treatments ( shaping of the eyebrows, facial waxing)
  • Work space, equipment and tools for work
  • Keeping records of clients
  • Beauty salon management

Price of the course is 600€.