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Hawaiian massage is a synonym for harmony and love. With its technique, this massage removes physical and emotional stress.

It is an ideal way to take a moment off from everyday worries and give your body a touch that restores energy on every level.

It is a unique treatment that acts as a dance (famous Hawaiian hula dance). Long and gentle movements help the body to relax, release tension while the energy tensions are also being released at the same time. In this way, a perfect harmony of body and mind is created.

With its technique, this massage helps your entire being:

  • relieves tension,
  • stimulates the release of toxins and refreshes the skin,
  • supports blood and lymph flow.

By having Hawaiian massage you can expect a lot of warm oil, soothing music, movements that resemble moving through water. Coconut and vanilla oils are definitely a mixture that awakens all your senses. In addition to the amazing scent, this oil also has a hidden power for skin care.

Let this massage take you, at least for a moment, to the beautiful beaches of Hawaii, and bring a smile back to your face.