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Bali massage has been used for centuries to regenerate and strengthen the body. This traditional therapy combines stretching exercises, long relaxation movements, techniques of using the palms and thumbs to press around the energy meridians in the body to relax muscle tension and stimulate the lymphatic system.

First, the muscles are warmed up with long movements, then the tension on the muscles and ligaments is relieved with a special technique, and finally the stretching of that body part is performed.

Did you know that stretching can reduce stress, muscle cramps, increase flexibility, improve mood? In this massage, the therapist helps you do stretching exercises in an adequate way and without your effort; while enjoying the massage you do stretching exercises, too. Thus, you have a double effect of massage (relaxation and stretching). In this way, a regenerative effect on the body begins, stress is relieved, the mind is calmed and the body is brought into good physical shape.