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Psychoactive substance is every substance which brought into the organism can modify one or more ‘’functions’’. This definiton for psychoactive substances was given by the World Health Organization. Those are substances or mixture of substances that act  on the central nervous system (brain), and cause changes in perception and behaviour. The denial of that substance that modified the functions, rises a group of different symptoms which are definied as “symptoms of abstinence crisis” or “abstinence syndrome”.

Symptoms of nicotine withdrawal can be:

  • Dizzines ( which may last one or two day after quitting smoking)
  • Depression
  • Feelings of frustration, impatience, anger
  • Anxiety
  • Irritability and restlessness
  • Sleep disturbance, including dificulty with sleeping, bad dreams and nightmares
  • Headches and chronic tiredness
  • Tightness in the chest

These symptoms can lead to the situation that the smoker starts smoking again, and the symptopms withdraw. And so he enters in a viscious circle of smoking again and thinking about quitting .

“Addict” is a smoker who needs cigarettes no matter the situation and when his behaviour is caused by cigarette and he can’t resist smoking, even if he knows that it can cause the damage. This kind of behaviour occurs because there is a niccotine addiction. Effects of nicotine on central nervous system act on the same mechanism as drugs, such as heroin or cocaine, which cause modification of some vital functions. It can accelerate mental processes, to improve physical functioning as well as to create pleasant feelings. All of these symptoms cause among smokers to ask for nicotine again and again, more and more often.

Crisis that begins already after 2 hours ( since the quitting of smoking) can last up to 6 months, and the smoker is faced with a craving for cigarette, has a mood swings, is anxious, with signs of anxious and depressed reactions.

The heart rate is also slowed down, concetration and metabolism are slowed, and the constant hunger is present. These are all reasons why smokers need help of professionals.

Our laser treatment works by LaserCare method which is the most advanced and most verasatile  as the treatment for quitting smoking.

Treatment for quitting smoking with laser works on the prinicple of stimulation endorphins using a  beam of laser light. Rising the level of endorphins in the body leads to looss of physical  desire for smoking. Endorphin is known as a hormon of happiness,  helps wound healing and improves your mood.

Laser  therapy for quittng smoking combines traditional Chinese medicine and modern laser techonology. The advantages of laser method with whom we are treating energetic points as oppose to classical acupuncture are the following:

  • laser has a long-lasting and deeper effect;
  • with the laser there is no possibility of skin infection;
  • laser treatment is completely harmless.

The treatment itself takes place in a pleasant atmosphere and it’s very comfortable for a client.

On the day of your treatment:

Stop smoking at least 2 hours before your arrival because we want you to come with a desire for cigarette. In that way we’ll check the level of your psychological addiction.

In the first part of the treatment we have an interview with the patient,we are getting to know him and his habbits, we are leading him in to the flow of the treatment and we are explaining him how the laser works. The next stage of the treatment is a stimulaton of different energy acupuncture points which are located in ear,nose and hands. You also get a psychological support from us.