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Massage is very important for our physical, emotional and spiritual health, and it  has beneficial effect on people of all ages. She is not only a pleasant luxury, but it also heals, due to specific physiological and psychological changes she creates in the organism.

With every  massage movement the receptors in the skin send signals to the brain, which responds by stimulating secretion of endorphin, the hormon of happiness…

Precisely because of this the massage strongly acts on nervous system, reducing anxiety and tension. Regardless of the type of the massage its effect is multiple.

Massages are performed in combination with suitable ambient.  Pleasant music and candles are essential details for the massage ambient, which are complemented with warm essential oils and relaxing scents.

Massage has the beneficial effect in the following situations:

  1. Relaxation of the whole body
  2. Reducing the chronic pain
  3. Improving the circulation
  4. Elimination of the toxins from the organism
  5. Improvement of sleep
  6. Reduction of blood pressure
  7. Reduces stress and nervous tension
  8. Improves immunity
  9. Accelerates the recovery after illness
  10. Tightens the skin

Relax massage

The best way to relax your body, mind and relieve yourself from every tension and stress is massage. Relax massage is gentle and…

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Antistress massage

Anti-stress massage has a strong impact on health and mood as it’s the simplest way to combat stress. Stress is the integral…

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Sports massage

This massage aims to eliminate adhesions (knots in the muscles) and lactic acid,and thus increases motion range of muscles and joints…

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Lymphatic drainage

The fastest, healthiest and most enjoyable way to solve the problem of heavy and swollen legs and also the cellulite is…

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Candle massage

Massage with  candles is one of the relax massages, and the warmth of essential oils from the candle represents an unforgetable experience…

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Hot stone massage

Hot stone massage has bigger and depeer effect than ordinary massage. It helps with back pain, bad circulation, and it…

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Hot chocolate massage

Massage with chocolate represents an incredible experience. In addition to relaxing the body and mind, it has incredible fragrance of…

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Therapeutic back massage

Therapeutic back massage offers absolute pain relief in a short period. This massage treats pain conditions created as a cause of stress…

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Anticellulite massage

Anti-cellulite massage is perfect, effective, entirely safe and healthy way to remove your cellulite, because it has multiple effects. With regular…

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Relaxing head massage

Relaxing head massage is used to reduce  stress and tension. Massage of the scalp alleviates headaches, improves mental state and…

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Foot massage

Foot massage is based on the idea that the feet are “geographical map’’ of entire organism and that the certain parts of the feet…

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Massage with rolling pin

Mederotherapy or massage with rolling-pins is special type of anti-cellulite massage, which is performed with specially…

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