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Marokansko putovanje Beograd

Moroccan trip

The contact begins with a light peeling and foot massage. Thus, the client is symbolically told to leave all his worries at the front door…

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Hawaiian trip Belgrade

Hawaiian trip

Hawaiian massage is a synonym for harmony and love. With its technique, this massage removes physical and emotional…

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Balinese trip Belgrade

Balinese trip

Bali massage has been used for centuries to regenerate and strengthen the body. This traditional therapy combines stretching…

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Indijsko putovanje Beograd

Indian trip

Indian massage is based on Ayurveda, which is the basis of Indian medicine. The basis of this massage is an Asian technique…

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Finnish trip Belgrade

Finnish trip

This massage is performed with volcanic rocks of Finnish origin. Volcanic rocks carry an exceptional electromagnetic potential…

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Provence trip Belgrade

Provence trip

Your ideal trip involves exploring new areas. Come with us to Provence, a French region known for its endless fields of…

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Sri Lanka trip Belgrade

Sri Lank trip

Ceylon massage will give you the peace of the East and the invigorating power of Ayurveda. The people of Ceylon practice this…

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Philippine trip Belgrade

Philippine trip

This treatment is intended for true hedonists. All-natural shells from the Pacific Ocean are used. These shells are filled with a mixture…

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